Create value through
“Contribution to Life Cycle”.

We seek to protect the environment and improve the quality of human life by providing products in mainly four fields: ecology, sports, health, and art.


From March 1st, 2021, A-Trade, LLC. has changed its trade name to Cycle, Inc.,
with a broader mission “Contribution to Life Cycle” at heart.

Many we had taken for granted has turned out to be priceless
due to the outbreak of pandemic in 2020.

As a result, our thoughts regard to the relationship
between business and society has also underwent a change.

No matter how big or small the enterprise is,
we believe that continuous and stable corporate management is essential
for long-term prosperity throughout the business.

Just as “Enrich Your Outdoor Life”
our brand promise established from A-trade era,
We will stay true to our identity and continue to focus on
creating an ideal life cycle for all.

Wataru Iida